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    Seventy Agency is an international brand and business design agency, with an international team of strategists, designers, filmmakers, and digital enthusiasts, our services include strategy formulation, business and concept development, visual/UX design, film production, digital optimization, and transformation.

    Our team in Shanghai has a profound understanding of Chinese culture and market trends. We are dedicated to helping brands and businesses to grow and enter the Chinese market by implementing the most effective brand/product positioning, go-to-market strategy and execution on both digital platforms and offline activities. We work with top-notch Alibaba operation partners which enable us to deliver sales results and monitor interaction data for operation optimization. 

    Seventy offers a vibrant, international and entrepreneurial culture. You will be working with global leading brands in interesting projects and be part of a multidisciplinary team with talented and friendly people. Today, we are 60+ brilliant misfits in Stockholm and 30+ in Shanghai, working together to build strong brands and successful businesses. 

    Visit our website for more information: http://www.seventyagency.com/ 

    70是個正在壯大的團隊,我們希望加入70的你能有以下的mind set :

    • Open-minded to different opinions and approaches 開放、多元,包容不同觀點和態度;
    • Always hunger for new things and better / smarter problem-solving solutions渴望新事物,不斷尋求更聰明/更好的解決方案;
    • Do GREAT work and be able to share it with people 活干得漂亮,還要擅長分享
    • Be “boring” – It’s the only way to get work done 要無趣——這樣才能把工作做完;
    • Be “interesting” – owning your side projects and hobbies要有趣——你的生活與興趣就是工作的靈感之源。

    If you are interested in the Strategist position in Shanghai, please send your resume and expected salary directly to: shanghai@seventyagency.com.cn


    (Sr.) Account Executive (資深)客戶執行

    Duties & Responsibilities
    1.   Account / Project Management
    •Learn overall project process including regular client maintenance as well as new client pitching. 
    •Support account manager / director proactively for timeline planning, assignment of resources, monitoring project progress, and generation of the client/project invoice.
    •Debrief client requests and requirements into detailed, and sometimes technical, instructions for project teams.
    •Liaising with client and internal creative / new business development team and be responsible internally for quality control of project deliverables.
    •Ensure a smooth transition for new clients; attend pre-integration and planning meetings as needed.
    2.   Research & Reporting 
    •Support account manager / director to conduct market research in English / Chinese for brands to form brand / communication strategy, communication campaign in presentation or report. 
    3.   Client relationship maintenance
    •Serves as the main day-to-day contact on current projects for clients, suppliers, external partners, and the Account team; provides timely responses to all inquiries.
    •Participate in meetings with existing clients and internal teams to identify adequate new services/offerings to meet clients’ evolving needs as required; is familiar with processes, capacity, timelines, etc.

    Qualification and requirements: 
    1. Desired experience:
    •1~2 year’s experience in direct account management / project management. 
    •Having experience in participating in developing creative / research / digital marketing projects is strongly preferred
    •Having experience of tourism, education, clean tech and logistics industry is preferred but not necessary
    •Having experience in using project management tool for time / resource / budget tracking and reporting.
    2.   Skills and quality 
    •Bilingual, fluent in business English and master in Chinese 
    •Excellent written and verbal communication skills and strong presentation abilities.
    •Strong project management, communication and problem-solving skills.
    •Passion and desire to learn and try new things
    •Strong attention to details and process
    3.  Education
    College degree (e.g. Bachelor of Arts) or equivalent degree within appropriate discipline such as Business, Graphic Arts, Marketing, Advertising, or an equivalent combination of education 

    Social Copywriter 新媒體文案

    Duties & Responsibilities

    Qualification and requirements:

    Intern of Social Copy 新媒體文案實習生

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    Qualification and requirements:

    Digital Project Manager 項目經理

    Duties & Responsibilities:

    Qualification and requirements: 

    By: Summer Zheng


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